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Commercial Services

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Our Commercial Services

Design & Wiring

Construction creates a lot of challenges for businesses of all sizes. With so much to worry about, companies appreciate leaving the electrical design duties to Warrenville Electrical. With our comprehensive electrical design and construction services, your company will be ready to fire on all cylinders once we finish the job. This gives you the peace of mind you need to move forward with a project. 


While some electrical contractors only offer services for specific project types, we meet a broad range of needs. This type of flexibility lets customers come back to us over and over as their needs change.  Added value engineering through a collaboration of our Electrical Engineer and Licensed Master Electrician also results in a more efficient and practical project design saving customers money while adding better functionality to their facilities.

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Commercial & Retail Construction
Working with a variety of Contactors, developers, architects and corporations Warrenville Electrical has taken part in completing some of the highest quality commercial and retail projects throughout NJ & NY.  Our portfolio includes a multitude of projects including retail stores, restaurants, cold storage facilities, medical offices, gas stations, residential complexes and more.  When looking for quality, reliability and professionalism look no further than Warrenville Electrical.

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Power Distribution Systems
Going a step above bare minimum of the National Electrical Code our Electrical Power Systems are installed taking additional steps in design and product quality ensuring our installations hold up to the test of time. This saves our clients a great deal of time, money and frustration dealing with issues, downtime and power outages. Our electricians are trained Eaton, Siemens and Square D power systems installers providing installation, wiring and startup of a wide range of electrical distribution equipment and systems.

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Refrigeration Systems
Many types of refrigerated cold storage facilities, restaurants, schools, institutions and like businesses rely on the proper installation and wiring of their refrigeration equipment keeping their product cold or frozen. All electrical products are not manufactured equal and if the wrong materials are used in these harsh cold environments it could result in failure and loss of inventory and money for businesses. We specialize not only in the wiring of a wide variety of refrigeration systems but also the machinery, lighting and various other electrical devices installed and operating in these cold temperature environments.

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Commercial Generators
Business generator needs are specific and installations can be complex.  From IT and data centers, emergency lighting systems to whole facility back up power Warrenville Electrical helps businesses stay online and operating through power outages reducing down time and revenue loss. We evaluate customer needs or concerns, survey business facilities and available resources to provide the best stand by power solution. No matter how large or small the generator system Warrenville Electrical provides many commercial business clients with design, installation and maintenance of standby power systems throughout NJ and NY.

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Your business lighting needs should be at the top of your list.  Poor lighting in your warehouse, office or parking lot not only negatively impacts appearance and productivity it also affects safety of employees and customers as well.  From new lighting design to energy saving LED lighting upgrades Warrenville Electrical can help your business shine.  We work with many manufacturers and utilize all available rebates with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program to help our customers improve their business operations and save money.

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